We use our expertise and knowledge of local contexts to help our partners plan, implement, scale, and enhance solutions and business models that increase efficiency and catalyze growth. 

We leverage our strengths and experience across a variety of areas and global markets to implement a range of advisory services to support our partners’ organizational goals and deepen their impact on underserved segments through increased quality and reach of financial services. 

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Areas of Expertise 

We develop pathways to viable and sustainable impact financing for smallholder farmers that enable access to productive assets and improve livelihoods. We facilitate access to funding, develop tailored funding mechanisms, and provide ongoing support to ensure long-term success. 

We equip our partners’ customers with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed to build prosperous businesses and healthier financial lives. Leveraging interactive and locally relevant content and tools, including Accion’s edtech platform Ovante, our programs enable customers to maximize the benefits of digital financial products and services.  

We help our partners adopt data-driven strategies to transform data into actionable insights and a competitive advantage. We facilitate data workshops to inform business and product strategy, harness alternative data for customer segmentation and to increase customer lifetime value, build scorecards and data analytics tools, and create data architecture and data governance policies and frameworks.

We design and implement holistic digital strategies that help organizations realize their long-term ambitions while connecting microentrepreneurs to the digital economy so they can become more resilient. Our proprietary diagnostics and tools help our partners and their customers build their digital capabilities. 

We review and streamline business processes to help partners reduce their costs and gain operational efficiency. We also help maintain robust and reliable technology infrastructure by implementing cybersecurity best practices to safeguard organizational data and ensure business continuity.

We help our partners manage meaningful change by implementing a sustainable change management strategy and structure uniquely suited to meet their business objectives. We provide organizational design, talent management, and leadership development advisory support to navigate digital transformations, product launches, and other change initiatives at any scale.

We create best-in-class digital financial products and services that are desirable, feasible, and viable. From credit and savings products to digital payments, embedded finance, and supply chain finance, we develop and launch solutions tailored to the needs of microentrepreneurs, women, smallholder farmers, and other underserved groups. 

We leverage our years of experience deploying solutions to help financial service providers identify and mitigate risks associated with serving low-income people and informal microenterprises. Our expertise in collecting, structuring, and analyzing data helps organizations manage risk and realize the benefits of digitization. We reduce credit, market, and operational risk by developing risk management frameworks, deploying tailored credit decision tools, building propensity models, and supporting credit underwriting and product distribution techniques specific to underserved segments.

We weave women’s financial inclusion into all our engagements to ensure the solutions we develop are approached with a gender focus. We help organizations define their gender strategy, develop gender-intentional products and services, and increase access to and adoption of digital financial services by underserved women. 

Regional Insights 

We complement our domain expertise with in-depth knowledge of where our partners and their customers live and work. We understand the context that informs their challenges and needs. With our global presence and experience in different markets, we apply local and regional nuances to our work. 

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