Our customer capability building programs enhance partners’ customer acquisition, retention, and engagement efforts, while enabling end customers to build their financial health and resilience.

We use human-centered design to develop tailored programs that build the digital, management, and financial capabilities of our partners’ end customers. We create interactive and locally relevant content and tools to equip customers with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed to maximize the benefits of digital financial products and services.

Our Programs

LolaDigital is a unique digital capability-building program for young women entrepreneurs who want to build and expand their online businesses in Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, and Nigeria. Available in Spanish, English, and Hindi, the program helps equip participants with the skills and knowledge to support and grow their businesses with confidence. Upon completing the program, participants will be able to execute a digital plan to market their products online, choose the distribution channels that best fit their business needs, and develop the communication and negotiation skills to drive a profitable business. Learn more.

Designed for microentrepreneurs, Ovante LatAm is an capability building program that won a 2019 World Summit Award for using digital innovation to drive social impact. Consisting of 10 short and easy-to-understand modules, it uses behavior change methodology to boost the adoption and usage of digital and financial products by microentrepreneurs. Hosted on its own EdTech platform, Ovante leverages data to inform institutions of their customers’ financial and business needs, which customers are most likely to benefit from the use of financial services, and their creditworthiness. Learn more.

Ovante India is an innovative mobile-responsive program that targets growth-minded micro, small, and medium enterprise owners. It uses gamification, behavioral design, and heuristics to help entrepreneurs build their business, digital, and financial skills, so they can grow their business and earn more money. ​Through the “Making More Money,” “Getting Access to Credit,” and “Buying and Selling Online” programs, the content helps make entrepreneurs stronger business owners, savvier digital users, and more credible financial clients. Learn more.

Accion’s Crisis Recovery Toolkit equips microentrepreneurs with information to navigate a crisis using responsible financial services. The toolkit provides action plans to build the capacities of microentrepreneurs, guiding them to properly use technology and smoothing their transition to digital inclusion. Its content helps promote a positive and purposeful mindset and prepares microentrepreneurs to be resilient in the face of a crisis.​ Learn more.

Accion’s Digital Financial Capability program is an innovative digital program designed for women in India’s rural and peri-urban areas. It helps to improve their ability to manage their personal and household finances and become informed and effective consumers of responsible financial services. The program content and delivery are gender-informed and use social proof and network effects to build confidence in using digital financial services. Contact us.

Accion’s Entrepreneurship Program is a bespoke program designed for rural refugee women in Sub-Saharan Africa. The program teaches business and financial skills to start and scale retail businesses on e-commerce platforms. The program enables women to make business, personal, and financial decisions while building their confidence and trust in using formal financial services. Contact us.

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