We’re helping vulnerable communities, including refugees and migrants, to improve their economic well-being and resilience with quality financial choices.

Around the world, over 100 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes due to conflict, violence, and other disruptive events, according to the UN. Many families struggle to get the financial support they need to start their new lives.

Accion works with financial institutions and fintech companies to provide refugees and migrants with responsible financial services including bank accounts, savings, credit, and insurance so they can improve their economic well-being.

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Marie working at UGAFODE in Uganda


Refugees rebuild in Uganda

“When war broke out, I had to flee to Uganda. Life became tough for us. UGAFODE is the only bank that offered to lend to the refugee community. Now, we are regaining our footing.”

Bonaventure Havugimana, small business owner and customer of Accion’s partner UGAFODE

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