Digital technologies are critical for expanding the reach, affordability, and quality of financial services.

More people than ever are using mobile phones and digital technology. Accion works to bring affordable, customer-friendly fintech solutions to low-income individuals and small businesses so they can benefit from digital platforms that provide insurance, credit, supply chain finance, and other services.

How we support inclusive fintech:

Accion Venture Lab is a leading early-stage investor in inclusive fintech, providing seed-first capital and strategic support to innovative startups that are meeting the financial needs of underserved people globally. 

Accion Emerge invests in growth-stage companies embracing innovation in embedded finance, agritech, and the future of work to unlock opportunities for underserved people. We build demonstration models, some of which go on to become new investment strategies, leveraging third-party capital. 

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Podcast: Fintech for the People

In each episode, we’ll hear from innovators who are creating financial solutions that bring every person the financial tools they need to grow their business, support their family, and help build their community.

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