Our advisory model is grounded in driving change and accelerating digital ecosystems that benefit underserved people and businesses, including micro and small businesses, smallholder farmers, and women.

We work closely with financial service providers, fintech companies, platforms, fast-moving consumer goods companies, and other ecosystem players that are uniquely positioned to provide responsible financial products to underserved groups at scale, strengthening their financial health and resilience. 

What we offer

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With our institutional funding partners, we co-create impactful global programs that enable underserved people to make informed decisions and improve their financial health and resilience through digital financial products and services. 

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We help financial service providers address strategic and operational challenges and take their digital transformation strategy to the next level. We help providers understand their customers and craft innovative, customer-centric products and services. 

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We leverage our deep expertise in digital financial inclusion and our networks to help fintech companies, platforms, fast-moving consumer goods companies (FMCGs), and other actors expand their engagement with underserved segments. We help ecosystem players define and enhance their value propositions and structure a strategy focused on financial services that cater to this potential market. 

How We Can Work Together

We take a strategic and practical approach to our work together, tailoring deliverables to each partner’s unique needs. Innovation is central to our work — we design our solutions to help partners maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving global landscape. 

We help our partners evaluate where they are today and develop a roadmap to achieve their goals through informed research and a comprehensive discovery process, including: 

  • Internal needs assessment to help identify infrastructure, resource, and other organizational gaps. 
  • Market research to gain insights into customers and target markets. 
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking against industry peers to evaluate strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Regulatory dossiers outlining requirements for market entry or approval. 
  • Trends analysis to detect areas for improvement and predict opportunities. 

We draw on decades of multidisciplinary experience and leverage new ideas to develop or support strategy and planning processes, including:  

  • Business expansion plans for entry into new domestic or international markets and customer segments. 
  • Product/service diversification. 
  • Product/service customer adoption.  
  • Digital transformation and change management strategies. 
  • Organizational structure and operating model enhancements. 

We take a holistic and customer-centric approach to product and service design and development, offering solutions at each stage of the process, including: 

  • Digital financial product development, from concept design to product launch and scale, including market linkages on supply chain platforms. 
  • Diagnostics to inform product design and development, including customer digital and financial maturity assessments. 
  • Digital payments integration into existing systems. 
  • Credit scoring models. 
  • Advanced analytics for risk management.  
  • Customer capability building through digital platforms. 
  • Digital and traditional product delivery channels design and implementation. 

We help our partners reimagine the customer experience to accommodate digital channels and balance tech and touch approaches. We develop and apply a range of tools and methodologies to enable behavior-driven customer engagement to boost uptake of digital products and channels, including: 

  • Optimized customer journey maps to visualize the path to purchase from the customer’s perspective. 
  • User personas to inform and tailor the product journey. 
  • Usability tests to evaluate product and delivery channel effectiveness. 
  • Go-to-market strategies for launching new digital products and services. 
  • Strategies for process automation and customer service to develop digital self-serve channels.  
  • Product or service digitization roadmaps. 

We expand our partners’ capacity to innovate and scale new business models by enabling ecosystems. We connect organizations with emerging platforms, technology providers, and other key inclusive finance actors to better meet the needs of underserved people. Activities include: 

  • Facilitating partnerships. 
  • Accelerating Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) initiatives. 
  • Championing climate-smart technologies and green asset funding. 
  • Implementing APIs for data monetization. 
  • Designing new organizational structures. 
  • Developing innovation hub strategies. 
  • Designing and implementing proofs of concept. 

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