“With technology and data, what we can do is lend the exact amount that [our customer] needs at the exact moment that he needs it.” Samuel Brawerman, Co-Founder of Kuunda, explains how his company provides responsible financial services to 1.7 million active subscribers in Tanzania. By embedding their financial services into existing platforms used by their end customers, Kuunda seamlessly provides liquidity solutions to agents, micromerchants, and consumers in Tanzania and around the world.

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My name is Samuel Brawerman and I work with Kuunda.

We provide embedded financial services. The customer never knows about us.

Our products are fully embedded into the journey of our partners through which we integrate and provide loans to facilitate whichever transaction they are doing in the ecosystem. It’s a product in which you can never be over-indebted.

Now with technology and data, what we can do is only lend the exact amount that he needs at the exact time he needs it. So we are really helping the consumer, or the borrower. We’re helping the channel partner, like M-Pesa and so on. And we’re helping potentially the bank into the digital transformation and into making profitable business.

We have 1.7 million active subscribers in Tanzania. So it’s quite impactful and getting this from the team and reminding us all that we’re doing as an impact gives us a lot of courage to continue.