Accion’s risk experts bring years of practical experience developing validated solutions to help organizations reduce credit, market, and operational risk, while serving low-income customers.

We collect, structure, and analyze data to help organizations manage risk and realize the benefits of digitization. Our risk management frameworks, credit decision tools, propensity models, and techniques to support credit underwriting and product distribution are specifically tailored to the unique needs of underserved customers.

Operational Risk Management Tool Series

This practical series guides financial service providers on how to apply operational risk tools to strengthen their risk management function.

The Detailed Risk and Controls Assessment (DRACA) is an analysis tool for understanding operational risks faced by an institution. The tool follows a systematic framework to identify the risks in a process and evaluate the controls put in place by the institution. Download here.

The Branch Transaction Risk Reports are a set of three tools focused on identifying risk events at a branch level, such as unexpected computer downtime, software bugs, and misplaced documents. These events are identified at each branch, collated, and then analyzed to establish trends and identify risk management solutions. Download here.

Credit Scoring is a method of assigning a numerical value (the “score”) to a client to predict the likelihood of them experiencing an event or performing a certain action in the future. This is predicated on the notion that past behavior is indicative of future behavior for people with similar characteristics. Download here.

The Portfolio Quality Analysis (PQA) tool is a written analysis of the most important trends and issues regarding the total loan portfolio or any sub-segment of interest, such as by product, customer characteristics, or loan officer. Download here.

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