Accion Advisory’s data team brings specialist expertise across data strategy, advanced analytics, model development, cloud infrastructure, and governance.

With experience honed from years of operationalizing data with financial institutions and technology companies, we help organizations elevate their ability to use data to yield insights and drive decision-making. We review the core systems, tools, and skillsets within an organization to evaluate their current capacity to harness the underlying value of their data and help develop and execute a strategic roadmap of use cases. 

Accion Advisory’s Data Tools and Offerings

Our data practice encompasses three broad pillars: data strategy, management, and analytics. Within these pillars we offer a suite of tools used by our experts to help institutions achieve their data ambitions.

We hold data strategy workshops to define core objectives, conduct data maturity assessments to evaluate operational readiness, and develop a use-case roadmap to prioritize initiatives. Arrange a workshop.

We conduct detailed reviews of an institution’s data architecture, data value chains, and quality assurance processes while assessing the software and skills gaps to address for the institution to achieve its objectives. Schedule a review.

We help financial institutions build collections analytics and customer segmentation models, support technology companies to set up automated product performance dashboards, and develop impact measurement frameworks to help businesses evaluate the broader implications of their work. Request support.

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