María Belén Garrett

Specialist, Latin America Program Management

María Belén Garrett is the Latin American Program Specialist, based in the Bogota, Colombia. In this role, Belén provides direct support to the Global Advisory Solutions Latin America team and works closely with regional leadership to ensure that the department operates smoothly and is on the correct path to reach its longer-term strategic objectives in Latin America. She plays an essential role in the administration and effectiveness of the team by supporting local and field-based staff with day-to-day operations, project organization, and budgeting.

Prior to joining Accion, Belén worked at Woozle Research in the UK, as Primary Research Analyst.  She has also worked at IOM – UN Migration as an intern, where she represented the IOM in the formulation of the UN Development Assistance Framework, and worked closely with professionals in different ministries, local governments, and academics in order to design, implement and evaluate projects in regards to internal migration and climate change adaptability. Belén completed a Master of Science in Local Economic Development at London School of Economics and also holds a BS in Economics from Purdue University.

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