María Belén Garrett

Associate, Customer Strategy & Engagement

María Belén Garrett is the Associate of Customer Strategy and Engagement on the Accion Global Advisory Solutions team, based in Bogota, Colombia. Belén works closely with the regional and global team on product development and customer strategy projects using client-centered design and behavioral design methodologies. She contributes to market research, user interviews, product development, customer engagement, strategic diagnosis, and roadmap definitions on digital transformation, channels, financial strategies, and capacity building. Belén leads and supports global capacity-building projects aimed at strengthening the digital, financial, and managerial skills of low-income microentrepreneurs.

Prior to joining Accion, Belén worked at Woozle Research in the UK, as Research Analyst. She has also worked at the UN International Organization for Migration supporting with the coordination and implementation of national and local programs, and at different US-based nonprofits and Think Tanks coordinating educational and leadership projects.

Belén completed a Master of Science in Local Economic Development at London School of Economics and also holds a BS in Economics from Purdue University.

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