Accion Global Advisory Solutions

Accion Global Advisory Solutions

Accion’s Global Advisory Solutions brings deep technical expertise and innovative approaches to our work with financial service providers in emerging markets.

Who we are

Accion’s Global Advisory Solutions combines decades of on-the-ground experience with insights into new technologies to help institutions overcome the strategic and operational challenges they face in driving change. With a presence in North America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa, our experienced global team delivers advisory support through integrated service offerings and products – all focused on deepening the impact of providers on underserved clients. By addressing these issues, we create well-run, mission-driven, and efficient organizations that achieve scale, impact, and returns. In doing so, we help families and businesses reach their economic potential and build better lives.

Our work enables microbusinesses globally to understand and access appropriate financial service options, access and use digital tools that allow them to better manage their business, and digitize their business transactions for expanded access to broader financial services.

Making a difference

100+ institutions

We have partnered with and served over 100 financial service providers.

30+ countries

We have experience in over 30 countries around the world.

8.5 million clients

Our current programs reach 8.5 million low-income customers.

715+ MSMEs

Digitized through our technical assistance.

280K people

Participated in our financial education courses.

Our core products

customer-centric, data-driven, tech-enabled solutions

Accion Global Advisory Solutions focuses on key areas that help maximize providers’ impact in today’s financial markets.

We leverage our capabilities in payments, digital transformation, human centered design, customer engagement, and data and analytics to deliver digital lending solutions that make it easier for providers to deliver credit to those who need it most. To learn more, contact us.

Our digital payment solution supports convenient and flexible digital transactions, providing convenience for customers while lowering operational costs for providers. To learn more, contact us.

Taking a holistic view of digital transformation, we design and help implement strategies that help institutions realize their long-term ambitions and remain competitive in an evolving world. To learn more, contact us.

A comprehensive supply chain finance solution suited to the unique needs and capabilities of financial service providers serving underserved merchants. To learn more, contact us.

An integrated solution that leverages risk management frameworks, tools, and underwriting techniques to help financial institutions manage risk and leverage data efficiently. To learn more, contact us.

Blending human-centered design, behavioral science, and data science, Accion Design focuses on reimagining products and experiences, embedding design into the culture of organizations, or designing impactful products from scratch. To learn more, contact us.

Ovante is a digital platform created by Accion, which is designed to strengthen the managerial, financial and digital capabilities of microentrepreneurs in order to help them thrive in a competitive and digital world. To learn more, contact us.

Let us know how we can work together.

It was always good to have best practices which were used internationally as a sounding board to identify what to do in India. We had all the India knowledge and the Indian context and Accion brought the best practices that they were using internationally. It was an ideal combination for us to be able to develop our own processes, procedures, and policies.
Veena Mankar, Founder and Chairperson of Swadhaar

With staff based in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, our team of 50+ advisors helps our partners achieve their business goals. Our team has diverse and multi-disciplinary experience, and strives to make an impact in all that we do.  

Where we work

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