Accion Global Advisory Solutions

Accion Global Advisory Solutions

Accion Global Advisory Solutions partners with financial service providers around the globe to better meet the financial needs of underserved individuals and small businesses. Leveraging innovations in technology and financial services, we provide strategic and operational support to our partners to help them remain the providers of choice in their dynamic markets.

Our service offerings

customer-centric, data-driven, tech-enabled solutions

We focus on key areas that help maximize financial service providers’ impact. Our team delivers advisory support from planning and implementing, to reaching scale through five integrated service offerings.

The sustainable growth of financial institutions depends on leveraging new ideas, technologies, and partnerships. By leading our partners through collaborative and iterative strategy sessions and advising leadership on new business models, we help institutions establish new growth strategies in a swiftly evolving and competitive landscape.

Customer-centric products and services create value for customers, encourage product usage and builds long-term engagement. We design and implement customer-centric products and services through the use of human-centered design and data analytics.

We help financial institutions offer greater convenience to customers by enabling them to interact wherever they are, whenever they want and over whichever channels they choose such as mobile banking, agent networks, and point of sale services. We help institutions provide support through digital technologies such as chatbots and commonly used mobile applications such as WhatsApp.

Minimizing risk while optimizing growth represents a big challenge for financial institutions serving the underbanked. We create innovative risk management frameworks, tools, and underwriting techniques, including the use of machine learning algorithms to assess traditional and alternative data resources, to help financial institutions manage risk and leverage data efficiently.

Creating efficiencies in internal processes is key to lowering operational cost and offering high-quality products to customers. We help financial institutions streamline operations, select and implement the appropriate technologies, and build internal capacity, thereby accelerating their digital transformation.

It was always good to have best practices which were used internationally as a sounding board to identify what to do in India. We had all the India knowledge and the Indian context and Accion brought the best practices that they were using internationally. It was an ideal combination for us to be able to develop our own processes, procedures, and policies.
Veena Mankar, Founder and Chairperson of Swadhaar

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