Brian Kuwik

Senior Vice President, Central Asia

Brian Kuwik brings to his role at Accion more than 25 years of experience working to improve financial inclusion, promote entrepreneurship and expand economic opportunity in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. He leads the delivery of advisory solutions in Central Asia and sits on the boards of investee institutions in Africa playing an active role in governance and providing strategic and financial advice. Most recently, he has worked to develop new collaborations between banks and inclusive fintechs in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan supporting women entrepreneurs and to enhance the capacity of banks in Madagascar and Mozambique to offer digital financial services to micro and small businesses. In his previous role of Chief Regional Officer, Africa, he headed Accion’s regional operations and managed its relationships with partner financial institutions in Africa.

Before joining Accion, Brian worked at the Small Enterprise Foundation in rural South Africa and was a J.W. Fulbright researcher in Cameroon. He holds an MBA in finance and international business from the University of Washington and is certified as a digital finance practitioner by Digital Frontiers Institute/Tufts University.

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