Accion Global Investments

Accion Global Investments

Accion Global Investments invests in established financial institutions and innovative financial service providers that leverage technology to support underserved microentrepreneurs, families, and individuals in emerging markets.


We work closely with Accion Global Advisory Solutions and Accion’s regional teams to provide strategic and operational support to each of our portfolio companies, with the goal of developing commercially sustainable businesses that realize social and financial returns.

Over more than twenty years, we have founded, invested in, and helped operate some of the world’s leading microfinance institutions and innovative financial service providers, building demonstration models for the market and catalyzing the capital markets to transform financial services for the underserved.


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We are interested in equity investments in business models with the potential to innovate and scale while maintaining a social mission to serve the financially underserved. We tend to take an active role in governance, provide strategic leadership at the board level, and also provide support through advisory service engagements. For investment proposals, please submit a description of the existing business model, track record, management team background, and business plan. We will review the proposal and follow up with further discussions.

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