In November 2018, the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and Accion launched a partnership to transform millions of underserved micro and small businesses around the world and help them participate in, and benefit from, the digital economy.  

Over the past 4 years, millions of people globally have benefitted through our work under this partnership with key partners and stakeholders. From November 15-17, we gathered in London to discuss how we achieved this goal, and the tactics and approaches that enabled us to digitally transform fintech and financial service providers, and the micro and small businesses they serve, at scale. We also published a report to demonstrate the value and impact of this partnership, and we hope these findings serve to inspire others and establish some potential models for replication.

On November 15, we hosted plenary sessions to reflect on the combined impact of COVID-19 and digital transformation on financial service providers and micro and small businesses, the role of fintechs, and the future of inclusive finance. 

Watch the recordings here or on our YouTube channel.

Financial health and resilience of MSEs — Current state and future opportunities

Analyzing the impact of the pandemic on microbusinesses globally and exploring why the need for digital transformation is higher now than ever before. Featuring guest speakers from Caribou Digital and CGAP.

Facilitator: Natasha Jamal (Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth)

Panelists: Lauren Braniff (Center for Financial Inclusion, Accion), Chris Locke (Caribou Digital), Swati Sawhney (CGAP)

Lessons learned: Digital transformation of Financial Service Providers (FSPs)

A discussion on the unexpected learnings unearthed when undertaking digital transformation of a financial service provider. Featuring guest speakers from institutional partners of the Mastercard Accion Partnership.

Facilitators: Victoria White (Accion)

Panelists: Taiwo Joda (Accion Microfinance Bank), Sasidhar Thumuluri (Sub-K), Edgardo Perez (Fundación Génesis Empresarial)

Serving Customers in a Digital World – Lessons From BancoSol and Monzo

What are the differences in approach between digitally native and digitally transforming financial service providers when serving customers in a digital world? Fireside chat with TS Anil, Global CEO, Monzo Bank and Esteban Altschul, Chairman of BancoSol, Accion COO.

Facilitator: Esteban Altschul (Accion)

Guest speaker: TS Anil (Monzo Bank)

The impact of digital transformation: Changes and benefits experienced by FSPs and the micro and small businesses they serve

Sharing key insights and results from the impact of our work with micro and small businesses globally. 

Facilitators: Gayatri Mehta (Accion), Kathleen Yaworsky (Accion)

Speakers: Patricia Chávez (Banco Pichincha), Hardika Shah (Kinara Capital), Radhika Shroff (Nuveen)

What does the future of inclusive finance look like?

Through the MAP program we supported over 50 early-stage inclusive fintech companies with advisory support. New digital first organizations are playing a critical role in driving new innovative models for serving MSEs. What is the role of these organizations moving forward, and how are they shaping the financial inclusion landscape?

Facilitator: Iain Brougham (Accion)

Guest speaker: John Fischer (Accion)


Facilitators: Prateek Shrivastava (Accion), Payal Dalal (Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth)

Plenary Speakers

President and CEO, Accion

Michael Schlein

Senior Vice President, Social Impact, International Markets, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

Payal Dalal

Vice President, Digital, Accion Global Advisory Solutions

Prateek Shrivastava

Vice President, Social Impact – Strive, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

Natasha Jamal

Vice President, Strategy and Communications, Center for Financial Inclusion, Accion

Lauren Braniff

Founder, Caribou Digital

Chris Locke

Consultant, MSE Finance in the Digital Age, CGAP

Swati Sawhney

Managing Director, Accion Global Advisory Solutions

Victoria White

MD/CEO, Accion Microfinance Bank

Taiwo Joda

MD & CEO, Sub-K

Sasidhar Thumulur

General Manager, Fundación Génesis Empresarial

Edgardo Perez

Chief Operating Officer, Accion

Esteban Altschul

Global CEO, Monzo and Board Member, Accion

TS Anil

Senior Manager, Product, Accion Global Advisory Solutions

Gayatri Mehta

Consultant and Global Lead, Impact Measurement and Management, Accion

Kathleen Yaworsky

Manager of Commercial Alliances, Banco Pichincha

Patricia Chávez

Founder & CEO, Kinara Capital

Hardika Shah

Managing Director, Impact Investing Private Equity, Nuveen

Radhika Shroff

Senior Director, Digital Transformation, Accion Global Advisory Solutions

Iain Brougham

Chief Investment Officer

John Fischer