A startup’s guide to new product development

How an early-stage startup can approach brainstorming, testing, and prioritizing new product opportunities.

Launching a new product is a feat that can occupy a large share of time, energy, and resources — and for an early-stage company, it’s a very consequential decision to make. It’s imperative to take an objective, thoughtful approach when considering new products to build and launch. A well-executed plan can help a product gain traction, attract lifelong customers, and help you instill confidence in your team and approach.

We’ve built our new resource, A Startup’s Guide to New Product Development, to assist you along your journey. This guide will touch on:

  • Understanding your core customer and their needs
  • Brainstorming potential products across your core customer segments
  • Defining and estimating the impact of potential new products
  • Determining the effort required to get there
  • And, ultimately, choosing and prioritizing your product roadmap moving forward

Be on the lookout for an extended guide that covers the full process, from post-product decision to launch, coming in the next few months.

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