We’ve talked with industry leaders about blockchain, web3, and cryptocurrency’s potential impact on financial inclusion. Now the question arises: what do we do now? In this final episode of Season 3, Matt Schaar talks with fellow host Amee Parbhoo about how Accion Venture Lab is looking at the web3 space, and how the industry can evaluate and support the industry to support founders building solutions to increase financial inclusion.

Why should investors in inclusive fintech care about web3? Matt and Amee discuss this and explore if web3 provides access to better financial products, if there should be more transparency in delivered solutions, and if these solutions can help the financially excluded build more wealth. Some people argue that the “crypto winter” is upon us, and Matt and Amee discuss why some web3 projects are failing and whether we are investing at the wrong time. Lastly, they explore how to invest in responsible web3 solutions.

Read Hope or hype: web3 and its potential to advance financial inclusion.

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