Getting a loan has traditionally been a hefty process, including cumbersome paperwork, multiple visits to a bank branch, and credit checks that can disqualify applicants without an extensive formal credit history. This process isn’t useful for people who just need help making ends meet or paying for small everyday expenses, and they often end up going without the funds they need or turning to predatory lenders.

Accion portfolio company SmartCoin aims to help more people get the funds they need quickly and securely using a mobile app. Their platform seamlessly empowers customers to build their financial health and their credit score throughout the lending process. We talked to a few of SmartCoin’s customers who shared how SmartCoin has benefitted them.

Prashanth B S

Coffee? Tea? Biscuits? The small store that Prashanth B S runs in Bengaluru has everything you need for an afternoon pick-me-up. He’s been managing the shop for eight years, but growing his business is difficult. When he decided to take out a loan to boost his business, he was surprised by how straightforward SmartCoin’s process was. He applied online, uploaded his documents, received a quick call to discuss details, and within a few days, he had the funding he requested. As his shop thrives, he’s interested in opening a second location in a different part of town, and he’s confident SmartCoin will be there for him as he expands.

Janani Priya

Janani Priya found SmartCoin in the Google Play store, and she downloaded it to help her pay for travel expenses and other costs that crop up at the end of the month. “It’s quite easy since it’s tech-based,” she says. In addition to appreciating how straightforward using the app is, she liked that she could contact someone at SmartCoin and get help if she needed. It made it easier for her to trust the company with her finances. While she hopes to one day not need loans for everyday expenses, Janani’s happy to know she can count on SmartCoin if she ever needs emergency funds.

Manjunath S

Manjunath S just earned an MBA in finance, and now he’s set to take on the world. As he gets ready to transition to a new job, he needs a little extra money to help with day-to-day expenses, from household needs to gas costs to dinner money. He found that banks would only offer large loans, not small loans to cover miscellaneous costs and make ends meet. SmartCoin helped him get the amount of money he needed in just a few steps. “Seriously, this app is a tremendous resource,” he says. Someday Manjunath hopes to be able to start his own business, and knowing he can get funding when he needs it puts him in an excellent position to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

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