Photo Release Form

Before you photograph anyone, make sure you get them to sign the photo release form.  You can download it here.

People Working

Accion uses large, full-bleed images to make dynamic visual statements that grab the viewer’s attention.

Our primary photography style features images of our clients and their staff in action. This style draws on our brand voice attributes and personality traits, while emphasizing the life and vibrance of our clients.

Candid Portraits

Portrait photography should feel casual, sincere, and natural. Subjects are typically slightly off-center in the frame, and are not often looking directly at the camera. Backgrounds should be simple, solid, or slightly blurred using depth-of-field to allow the viewer to focus more clearly on the individual.



Duotone images allow for a cohesive and branded look. Duotone treatments should be used sparingly. They are primarily suited for accents, special treatment for images of lower quality or for when text or the logo must be used over an image.

Photography Misuse

We only lead with photos that fit within our photography styles and adhere to brand standards portraying warmth, forward progress, optimism and boldness. If photos do not meet this criteria, then we do not use them.