Basic Visual Identity

The Accion mark stands at the center of our graphic design system and is our principal brand identifier.

Our mark is bold and assertive, yet warm and approachable. It is a representation of who we are. It speaks to our honesty, humanity, confidence, and to the value of our work. The Arrow shape “A” represents our drive to elevate, advance, and empower people with the financial tools they need to improve their lives.



Name in Text

In English copy, “Accion” should be written in title case. We no longer associate Accion with an acronym, and cannot hold external parties to the style standard. So, we are now:

Accion (Eng)
Acción (Spanish)

Note: In Spanish copy, we add an accent mark over the “o” to avoid the impression that we have made a mistake being that the word “acción” has meaning in Spanish.

Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI)

When written out in text in a 3rd party site or publication, where can’t assume familiarity with CFI, we should be called the “Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion”.    Once the full acronym is defined, you can refer to us as CFI.   It is critical to reference the acronym in parenthesis when writing out the organization name for the first time:

  • Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI) — appropriate for references in 3rd party materials or externally oriented content where people may not know our thinktank
  • Center for Financial Inclusion  — appropriate for references within the CFI or Accion website’s or materials where the Accion relationship is already established.  If you have not defined the acronym, refer to CFI in parenthesis the first time you mention the name.
  • CFI — appropriate for frequent references to our name in close proximity, like paragraph text in our “About” page.



Clear Space & Minimum Size

The mark must be surrounded by a generous field of clear space in every application to create isolation from competing elements. The mark must also adhere to the minimum size requirements to ensure impact and legibility.

Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI)

When placing CFI’s logo, also ensure there is a generous amount of space.  For visual reference, look at the size of the text “for” as guidance on the amount of buffer the logo needs in terms of white space.



Logo Variations

The preferred logo color treatment is our signature orange, Dawn, on white. Although, the logo can appear in colors from our grey palette, black, white, or our core color, Grass. Carefully consider before using these variations.

Center for Financial Inclusion

For sub-brands like the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, use a clear hierarchy and compose the logo like this —

Logo Misuse

There are many possible ways our logo could be misused. Any misuse of the mark, no matter how small, compromises the credibility of our brand.

The examples shown demonstrate a few of the many possible non-compliant logo reproductions.

Center for Financial Inclusion




Download Accion Logos

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Download all logo files for CFI including those for web/screen and print

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