Brand Color Palette

Our color palette brings visual interest to our communications, help to maintain a consistent look and feel, and differentiate us from other organizations. Each color has been chosen with specific functions in mind.

Color Balance

Be mindful of proportions when applying our color palette. Using the right amount of color will ensure a consistent balance across all things Accion. These proportions are estimates, not exact numbers. Other colors and shades from the core palette may be implemented or substituted.

Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI)

When working with The Center for Financial Inclusion replace the “core color” with the brand green (“Grass”).  The orange color (“Dawn”) can be an accent color for CFI.

Web Colors

Print Colors

If printing a full-color design containing things like photos or gradients then CMYK is ideal. To ensure a more accurate color matching than CMYK, Pantone (PMS) colors should be used for printing the logo, stationery, or any single color print job that uses a core brand color.