Software, systems, and tools survey for early-stage fintechs

A review of the key tools and systems that early-stage fintechs are using to drive their business in 2020

A key to success for any early-stage company is using the right tools for the job. With myriad solutions available to support a company’s operations — from customer management to accounting to developer collaboration — what to use is not always a simple decision. The wrong choice might not only be expensive but also can result in lost productivity and efficiency.

Every few years, Accion Venture Lab — in partnership with Quona Capital — surveys our portfolio to identify the tools and systems our fintech founders use to operate their business. In 2020 we expanded this survey beyond core business operations to include a deeper dive into some of the tools that drive success for software teams.

This survey will help any early-stage fintech founder:

  • Gain a broader understanding of the investment companies are making in these systems, based on the company’s stage and size.
  • Identify some of the more popular tools and systems companies are adopting across nearly 20 categories.
  • Assess the various qualities companies use to evaluate the type of tool to use.

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