Reimagining group lending for a digital world

How can microfinance organizations use digital models to facilitate group loans as social distancing poses challenges to the high-touch model used in the past?

Due to COVID-19, microfinance institutions are facing immense challenges connecting with their group loan customers. Social distancing and limited in-person gatherings pose challenges to the high-touch model that microfinance organizations have typically used to facilitate group loans. To continue supporting their customers during and after the pandemic, lenders will need to leverage digital technologies to facilitate group meetings and loan disbursements while incorporating the key tenets of the group lending methodology, social collateral and relationship-based lending. Watch the recording of this webinar to learn more about the benefits and challenges of adopting a digital model, and the need for a human centered design approach in redesigning group loans.

This session addresses questions such as:

  • Can group cohesion be replicated in a digital environment?
  • Can a digital group loan stay true to the principles of inclusion and empowerment?
  • Can social collateral work in a digital environment?
  • What will be the role of the brick and mortar branches moving forward?

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