Making Mom-and-Pop Shops More Economically Sustainable with Embedded Financing

Fintech for the People: Season 2, Episode 2 featuring Mir Haque, founder and CEO of Fairbanc

In Indonesia, small business retailers often struggle to have enough cash to buy inventory, and banks typically don’t want to give loans to these merchants. Host Amee Parbhoo talks with Mir Haque, founder and CEO of Fairbanc, about how Fairbanc provides a better opportunity to the mom-and-pop retailers through a technology platform that integrates with corporate partners to embed a simple inventory financing solution.

Mir shares why their end customers are in need of embedded finance solutions, no matter their digital capabilities. Mir also explains how Fairbanc mitigates risk effectively and seamlessly, and how they secure partnerships with consumer goods corporations. Finally, Mir gives advice for entrepreneurs looking to establish B2B partnerships for their businesses.

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Listen here.


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