In the third season of Fintech for the People, we’ll speak with industry leaders about the trends and technologies in crypto and decentralized finance and explore their potential to drive financial inclusion. We’ll hear from advocates, skeptics, investors, and builders as we aim to shed more light on this topic. If you’re entering this conversation with similar questions as us, we hope you’ll walk away with a more comprehensive view of the topic – and from there, draw your own conclusions.

Fintech has the power to build a more inclusive world. Fintech for the People showcases the innovators who are developing fintech solutions that reach the people who’ve been left behind. In each episode, we’ll hear from leaders who are creating and investing in financial solutions that bring every person the financial tools they need to grow their business, support their family, and build their community. Together, we’ll learn how fintech looks different in spaces and places where basic financial services are a luxury — and how solutions to address these challenges require a different level of creativity, empathy, and execution.

Season 3 of Fintech for the People, an Accion podcast, is hosted by Matt Schaar, Operating Partner of Accion Venture Lab, an early-stage investor in inclusive fintech startups. Learn more about Accion Venture Lab here.

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Fintech for the People Season 3 poster with Matt's headshot

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