Inclusive fintech leader stories: Sofiat Abdulrazaaq, Founder & CEO of Goodfynd

“It’s really important to us to make sure that every time a [food] truck owner goes out to interact with customers, that they’re able to do it at locations where they can actually make money,” says Sofiat Abdulrazaaq, Co-Founder & CEO of Goodfynd, an Accion Venture Lab portfolio company. Goodfynd’s digital platform connects food truck owners to their customers and provides an end-to-end payment system for mobile businesses, including online ordering, point of sale, invoicing, instant payouts, and inventory management.

Listen to Sofiat’s episode on Accion Venture Lab’s Fintech for the People podcast to hear more about how Goodfynd boosts visibility and profit for food trucks in the United States.

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