In Africa, there are many insurance providers, but less than 3% of people have an insurance safety net. Lami is bridging this gap. Amee Parbhoo talks with Jihan Abass, Founder and CEO of Lami, a Kenya-based insurance platform that enables businesses to develop and sell insurance tailored to improve the lives of their customers. 

Jihan shares how she moved from her career in fine arts to entrepreneurship in insurance, and how lack of infrastructure to facilitate easy distribution of insurance products inspired her to start Lami. She explains how Lami works to fix the broken insurance system, how they work with platform partners to help customers trust and understand insurance products, her vision for insurance technology and digitization, and why working with platform partners helps them better serve the insurance market. Lastly, Jihan and Amee discuss the need for quality mentorship to help bridge the gap for women founders going into fintech.

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