Accion and Quona Capital

Accion's strategic partnership with Quona Capital identifies the most powerful and promising innovations creating a more inclusive economy and financial system.

Accion’s strategic partnership with Quona Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in growth-stage fintech companies in emerging markets, finds and grows innovations that are creating a more inclusive economy and financial system for underserved communities. By focusing on both social impact and financial returns, our partnership shows how harnessing the capital markets can help solve society’s most challenging problems.

The Accion Frontier Inclusion Fund, one of the world’s first global fintech funds for the underserved, and the Accion Quona Inclusion Fund have together raised more than $344 million for scalable fintech companies that are leveraging the power of digital technology to equip more people, families, and small businesses with the financial tools they need.

The Quona team has decades of experience as investors and entrepreneurs in financial services and technology, in both emerging and developed markets, and is passionate about making a lasting impact through its investments. For more information, see

Accion Frontier Inclusion Fund

The Accion Frontier Inclusion Fund, managed by Quona Capital, invests in companies at the growth-stage that leverage technology to radically improve the quality and availability of financial services for the underserved. For more information and updates on the Accion Frontier Inclusion Fund and other investments managed by Quona, see

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