Technological advancements have made collecting, storing, and analyzing customer data easier than ever. While these advancements have unlocked large benefits for financial technology companies, they have also come with their own set of risks and challenges: with more data being collected and stored, the risk of information being hacked, stolen, or used without authorization has also increased.

Data protection, defined as both data security and data privacy, has become even more critical to maintain customers’ trust, avoid regulatory scrutiny, and keep companies running. This data protection resource helps fintech startups understand the policies, protocols, and practices that should be in place to protect their business, customers, and partners from potential data threats.

In this resource, you’ll find:

  • Data audit and risk assessment workshop templates and guidelines
  • Data protection assessment, strategic initiative list, and implementation guide
  • Data policy template
  • Seed stage investor due diligence checklist and portfolio management guide

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