In Latin America, a lack of access to high-quality education contributes to significant inequality. Host Amee Parbhoo talks with Luz Borchardt, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing for Henry, to discuss how Henry is creating opportunity by expanding access to high-quality technical education through virtual software development courses with no upfront fee. 

Luz has always been passionate about building a better world. After starting her career in tech, she recognized there were many tech jobs available, but not enough local talent in Latin America to fill these roles. To confront this talent shortage, she founded Henry, a remote coding school with a unique and affordable tuition model. Luz discusses the barriers that prevent students from entering the tech industry, how access to high-quality education creates a more equal world in Latin America, how Henry is able to provide education with no upfront fees by utilizing market-inclusive income share agreements (ISAs), and overall, how this improves the long-term earning potential of Henry’s students. Lastly, Luz gives advice to women founders who want to begin their entrepreneurial journey in tech spaces. 

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