Can Blockchain Open the Global Capital Markets to Underserved Businesses?

Fintech for the People: Season 3, Episode 2 featuring Samuel Eyob, Chief Investment Officer of Goldfinch

MSMEs are the fuel of the global economy, but there is often a disconnect between lenders and MSMEs on how to provide low-cost and abundant capital. Host Matt Schaar talks with Sam Eyob of Goldfinch on how Blockchain can be a potential solution to resolve this challenge.

Sam shares his journey from traditional capital providers to Warbler Labs and Goldfinch, the various business models Goldfinch operated under, and his opinion on how to build sustainable cryptocurrency systems that work for everyone. Sam and Matt also discuss how Blockchain systems can complement existing financial rails, if embedded finance can be enhanced on the Blockchain, and if that’s even a good idea in the first place.

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Quotecard for Fintech for the People Season 3 EP2

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