Building strong customer relationships in a digital environment

A guide to help financial service providers understand the challenges involved in managing customer relationships through digital channels and address common gaps

Traditionally, financial service providers that focus on serving micro and small business owners have relied on physical touchpoints and customer-facing employees to build and maintain personalized customer relationships. They depend on leveraging these relationships to ensure customers understand products and repay loans on time.

As institutions increasingly turn to digital channels to interact with customers, these personalized experiences must somehow be replicated digitally. In many cases, this requires multiple digital touchpoints across a single customer journey and building customized experiences based on individual customer needs.

Accion developed this toolkit to help guide institutions through this process. We focus on five key recommendations:

  1. Map out formal and informal interactions for strong customer relationships
  2. Segment customers by digital maturity
  3. Build digital interactions that avoid common pitfalls
  4. Be clear on the infrastructure required to support digital relationship management
  5. Monitor and measure success

To learn more about how to effectively manage customer relationships in a digital environment, download our toolkit in English and Spanish.

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