Building Fintech for the Education Ecosystem (Pavee Ramanisankar, Anthem)

Fintech for the People: Season 1, Episode 2 featuring Pavee Ramanisankar, Co-Founder and COO of Anthem

Educational institutions in India often lack the money management tools to digitize and streamline their banking and finance functions so that they can focus on providing high-quality education in their communities. This is where the idea for Anthem was born. Host Amee Parbhoo talks with Pavee Ramanisankar, co-founder and COO of Anthem, an education-focused fintech company that provides a digital money management platform and financial services to educational institutions and students in India.

Pavee’s experience working in educational institutions showed her that the lack of formal financial services for stakeholders in education wore on the education ecosystem. Pavee shares how Anthem allows educational institutions to digitize finances, administration, and operation through an affordable SaaS platform. Then Pavee explains the impact of COVID-19 on education and Anthem’s customers, how the pandemic opened the door for digitization, and how Anthem uses SaaS data to go beyond identifying problems but offering solutions that work. Lastly, Pavee shares about the differences in culture of a fintech company versus an educational institution, and gives advice to women entrepreneurs emerging into the fintech world.

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