Food trucks are the most diverse and fast-growing segment of the restaurant industry today. But technology gaps often restrict food truck owners in their operations. Host Amee Parbhoo talks with Sofie Abdulrazaaq, CEO and Co-Founder of Goodfynd, a vertical payments company that targets the underserved sector of food trucks in the US.

Sofie’s background as a first-generation American, experience in technology and bank law, and overall love of food trucks inspired her passion to help make food truck owners more visible and profitable. Sofie explains the pain points experienced by food truck owners, how Goodfynd bridges the technology gap through end-to-end payment solutions and an online marketplace, the importance of mobile-based platforms that tap into payment and operations systems on-the-go, and how Goodfynd envisions its future in the restaurant software industry. Lastly, Sofie shares how Goodfynd attracts and retains the best talent in a competitive market, how investors should treat women, particularly women of color, founders, and gives advice for founders on choosing the right investors.

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