Anastasia Ngala has to make sure her crops can thrive with only two rains per year. “We have long rain and short rain. We plant for the short rains this November. I am happy when it rains because I sell my farm products and earn my income.” Missing one of these rains can mean ruin for Anastasia’s harvest and financial hardship for her family of nine. But farming is Anastasia’s way of life and her only source of income. When she learned about Accion Venture Lab portfolio company Pula, she recognized the opportunity to further develop her agricultural skills while insulating herself from bad harvests.  

Pula employee Jacobeth Barno
Pula employee Jacobeth Barno

Pula, a cutting-edge insurtech startup, focuses on providing crop insurance to traditionally underserved smallholder farmers. “It’s important to solve that sector because as soon as we support the smallholder farmer, we will directly be changing a lot of things in the dynamics of the economy,” says Pula employee Jacobeth Barno. As a Pula customer, Anastasia can access data-driven farming insights that boost her crop yields while also having the peace of mind that she will be compensated if the harvest fails. “When I planted without Pula, I took a risk that it was okay if I harvested or lacked yields. I was 50-50. But now, I am 99 percent assured by Pula,” she says.

The benefits of Anastasia’s relationship with Pula have been tangible. With the confidence of her Pula coverage, she has grown her farm from three to five acres and has encouraged her children to work with Pula. Anastasia has also become a vocal Pula advocate outside of her home. She urges her friends and neighbors to look into the benefits, “Some of my neighbors want to join the insurance because they have known about compensation and also want to get compensated.” Now, Anastasia has confidence that she can provide for her family and grow her farming capabilities to new levels.

Pula client Anastasia

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Manashi tends to her rice crops in Odisha, India
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