World Economic Forum on Africa

With elections taking place in more than 20 African countries in 2019, the world’s youngest continent is facing a new era. While significant progress has been made on the political and economic front, the continent continues to face significant challenges.

The 28th World Economic Forum on Africa aims to tackle these issues by focusing on how to scale up the transformation of regional architecture related to smart institutions, investment, integration, industry and innovation.

Participants will discuss ways to accelerate progress in five transformative pan-African agendas in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

· Strengthening governance and peace-building institutions

· Scaling up financing solutions and improving delivery of hard and soft infrastructure

· Increasing intra-African and value-added trade in global supply chains

· Developing future-ready knowledge, tools and systems to reinvigorate manufacturing

· Expanding innovative approaches to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The discussions will focus on key industries and build on the launch of the first African Affiliate Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in South Africa.

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