Top women investing in Latin American tech


Female investors in early-stage tech are underrepresented in Latin America as they are globally. And among entrepreneurs, only 17% of venture-backed startups globally have a female co-founder, and globally, they capture only about 3% of the VC funding.

In an effort to raise the visibility of female investors in early-stage tech in Latin America, LAVCA has published an updated list of the Top Women Investing in Latin American Tech, as well as our second annual list of  Emerging Women Investors in Latin American Tech.

The 88 investors represented on the Top Women list and the 89 investors represented on the Emerging Women list in 2019 represents a 7% and 89% increase, respectively, over 2018*.

In November 2016, LAVCA created the inaugural, peer-nominated list, with 37 investors represented. The second edition, published in November 2017, added eight new investors. In 2018, LAVCA’s research team reviewed and verified the investment teams of every known Latin American venture capital fund, producing a list of 82 senior-level investment professionals and 47 emerging investment professionals shaping the tech ecosystem in the region; in 2019, those numbers jumped to 88 and 89, respectively.

*The Top and Emerging Women lists are not exhaustive. Y-O-Y increases reflect a growth of the number of women in qualifying roles, as well as LAVCA’s increasing knowledge of and access to these investors, and improved outreach over time.


The Top Women list includes  88 senior-level female investment professionals who are deploying capital in early-stage tech deals, as well as notable female angels investing over US$50k across multiple deals in the region. All investors were vetted for inclusion by LAVCA research, and have been active investors in the past four years.

LAVCA has also published a second annual list of Emerging Women Investors in Latin American Tech, with 89 junior and mid-level investment professionals on VC investment teams in the region.

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