Tech has transformed how we work — and now it’s changed how we look

Reaching global audiences with industry resources, toolkits, and guides

Accion harnesses the power of digital technology to create a financially inclusive world, and our website is a critical tool for reaching our global audiences.  In order to increase our reach and further enable the type of catalytic change we seek in financial inclusion, we’ve revamped the websites for Accion and the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI). This project is the result of months of research and analysis, collaboration, and most importantly, addressing needs that we heard from our audience.

Some of our favorite new features include:

  • Curated knowledge products: To make browsing more intuitive, we’ve organized all of our publications, tools, guides, and articles so our website users can easily find exactly what they need. Give it a try: View Accion’s insights organized by topic (for example, impact investing), sort by region (try India), or content type (check out our podcasts).
  • Library of resources: We have dozens of toolkits and guides to help financial service providers, microfinance institutions, and startups.
  • Our work with partners: We’ve introduced case studies about the number of ways that our partners have helped us advance financial inclusion.
  • Regular updates: The Accion’s Tools and Insights page and the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion blog will be updated per every week with articles and resources that are useful to our industry.

Shortcuts to our most popular content:

  • Accion’s investment work: Explore our investments in fintech startups, microfinance institutions, and other financial service providers around the world.
  • Accion’s advisory work: Learn about the targeted coaching, support, and governance we offer to help financial service providers deliver the high-quality, affordable financial tools and services that create a world with economic opportunity for all.
  • Accion’s history: Dive into our pioneering legacy in microfinance.

While you’re exploring the website, learn more about Accion’s dynamic strategy — how we advise, invest, partner, and influence the industry to drive our mission forward.

These websites were a collaboration between our staff and our digital agency, ISL, who helped us translate our audience research to actionable features. We will continue to work together to make refinements and enhancements to continuously improve our digital experience. Together, we hope this redesign will make it easier for our audience to interact with our content. Most importantly, we hope that this update helps advance our work to empower families and businesses to reach their economic potential and build better lives.

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