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Accion and Credit Suisse working together for a more sustainable future

Credit Suisse Sustainability Week

For more than a decade, Credit Suisse and Accion have worked together to harness the power of digital technology to create a financially inclusive world. This partnership has helped launch two lines of Accion’s work — the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) in 2008 and Accion Venture Lab in 2012. Both aim to find innovative ways that financial services can help households and businesses prepare for and recover from climate disasters. With your support, Accion can continue building on these efforts.

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The Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) is an independent think tank housed at Accion that researches and tests solutions for resilience to climate change, advancing women’s financial inclusion, protecting consumers, addressing data risks and opportunities, and more. Their climate research seeks to understand:

  • The constraints that vulnerable populations face in preparing for and recovering from climate-related events.
  • How financial services can respond to these needs. 

These studies allow CFI to uncover and pilot product innovations that can help support resilience and adaptation, then share what we have learned with policymakers, financial service providers, and other stakeholders in both the financial inclusion and climate ecosystems.

Accion Venture Lab invests in innovative seed-stage fintech startups from around the world. We believe access to well-designed, affordable financial services allows individuals and small businesses around the world to grow and prosper. Agriculture is a very common way that low-income people around the world earn a living, and small-scale farmers grow crops to feed nearly 2 billion people around the world. Providing them access to financial products is good for farmers and their communities.

In recent years, we’ve funded companies that:

Our portfolio companies provide credit, insurance, and other tools that help farmers increase their yields, reduce their environmental footprint, and prepare for and recover from climate disasters. 

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