Subbah was skeptical about online lending — now he’s changed his mind

With CreditMantri’s help, Subbah has rebuilt his credit score

As an engineer, Subbah Rao V finds most things easy to fix, but when it came to his broken credit, he was stumped. When Subbah’s daughter first suggested he apply for a loan online, he was skeptical — this was his first experience with online lending. And he had good reason to be wary. Due to an issue with his credit history, which he didn’t even understand, his loan applications had been rejected by bank after bank. He soon realized that he wouldn’t be able to get a quality loan until he resolved his credit problem.

Subbah’s daughter suggested CreditMantri and showed him how he could access the service from his laptop. Our portfolio company CreditMantri uses fintech to evaluate people for loans using alternative data, and it helps these same people improve their financial literacy around their credit score. In addition to using CreditMantri’s digital platform, Subbah was able to talk directly with a loan officer so he could understand and correct his credit issues. The loan officer walked Subbah through his credit history and the next steps he needed to take to help repair his score. Three months later, Subbah’s credit score is already up by 200 points.

When we asked Subbah how he felt after working with CreditMantri, he shared his happiness and relief at being able to tackle a problem that had been holding him back. CreditMantri worked with Subbah when no one else would. They helped him understand his credit history and take control of his finances. If he wants to expand his business in the future, Subbah’s repaired credit score will give him more loan options than before, but after this experience, Subbah’s first choice for finance will always be CreditMantri.

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