$60 for a Supply of Bricks

Your gift can help provide access to microloans to help entrepreneurs improve their homes. Small changes such as installing electricity, repairing a leaky roof or adding indoor plumbing can make a big difference in the lives of people living in poverty.

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Pedro Pablo Salamanca and his wife Yaneth, pre-Columbian jewelry makers and clients of Accion partner Finamérica in Bogota, Colombia

With a loan from Accion partner Finamérica, Pedro Pablo Salamanca and his wife Yaneth were able to build a house for their family. The couple has two daughters – one is in university, studying science; the other is eleven years old – and they have a new baby on the way. With hopes of building a home for their growing family, Pedro and Yaneth had purchased a plot of land way up on a hill in Ciudad Bolivar, in the periphery of Bogota. But the lot sat empty for months – until they were able to use their Finamérica loan to build a beautiful four-story house. Now, they are able to rent the first two floors of the house to provide an extra source of income – and their dream of a new home for their growing family has become a reality.

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