Skeins of Wool 

$36 to Restock a Microbusiness with Skeins of Wool

Enable a low-income family to build a sustainable business making and selling beautiful hand-crafted blankets, sweaters and rugs. Your donation helps bring financial access to entrepreneurs such as weavers.

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Luis Enrique Yamberla, weaver and client of Accion partner CREDIFE, Ecuador

Luis Enrique Yamberla and his wife have been in the weaving business for 20 years. Together they create beautiful wool blankets and bags to sell to tourists in Otavalo, Ecuador. Luis begins each project by cleaning raw wool and then spinning it into large skeins. He then weaves the woolen yarn together on large looms. In 2006, Luis withdrew a loan of US $1000 from Accion partner CREDIFE which he used to buy more yarn. With the income he is now earning from producing more bags and blankets, he is able to support eight children and two grandchildren – all living in a space adjoining his workshop.
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