Technology for a Mobile Bank 

$375 for Technology for a Mobile Bank

Help blaze a path to opportunity for people living in remote areas! Your gift can help equip a mobile banking truck with the latest technology and tools needed to bring secure financial services to the rural poor.

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Accion’s Rural Program in Latin America

Did you know that three-quarters of the world’s poor live in isolated, rural areas? That’s why Accion launched our Rural Microfinance Program – an innovative effort to reach 200,000 people living in poverty in rural areas of five countries by 2013. Through this program we are assisting five partner microfinance organizations in effectively using new solutions – such as mobile banks – to reach people who live remotely. A mobile bank is basically an armored truck with amenities that include a teller window, computer and secure transaction drawer.

By equipping these trucks with the right technology and highly-trained staff, we’re helping to create a bank that can deliver life-changing microfinance services directly to the people who need them the most. Your gift can help “soup up” these trucks with the technology, tools and staff needed to bring loans, credit, savings accounts and financial education to 200,000 rural poor in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru by 2013.

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