Business Training for a Microentrepreneur 

$50 to Provide Business Training for a Microentrepreneur

How do you best invest in your small enterprise? For women who own microbusinesses in India and Latin America, there’s Accion's Dialogue on Business training program. Your gift can enable Accion and our partners to offer workshops on topics such as marketing, savings and cash management. These trainings can empower microentrepreneurs with strategies to maximize their potential and set their families on a path to a brighter future.

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Bharathi, Accion Dialogue on Business participant

Accion Dialogue on Business, developed by Accion International, is an award-winning business training model developed for adult learning based on the knowledge and experience of participants. It uses interactive games and role-playing to solve real-life business challenges. Because the workshops are participatory and based on real-life cases, Accion Dialogue on Business is especially engaging for people with little formal education who may not learn effectively in a traditional classroom setting.

Through Accion Dialogue on Business training program Bharathi, a tailor and phone booth owner in India, has learned a range of valuable skills. She now knows how to better price her tailoring services to gain more customers. She has learned that by working outside her house instead of inside of it (as she did before) people can see her handiwork and learn about her services more easily. And she has realized that by working outside, near her phone booth, she can be more available to phone customers, and they can use her booth more often as she is there to monitor them. This simple change in work locations has enabled her to attract more customers to both her businesses and increase her income -- an achievement that makes her happy and proud.

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