Set of Cooking Pots 

$28 for a Set of Cooking Pots

A good chef needs both inspiration and tools. Cooking pots can help a microentrepreneur feed more customers, and, in turn, feed his or her children better.

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Patience Yeboah, Client of Accion partner EB-Accion

“Jesus Never Fails,” proclaims the sign marking Patience Yeboah’s modest restaurant, the Obooba Chop Bar, in Accra, Ghana. Neither do hard work and long, long hours, as any small entrepreneur will tell you. Commanding the top end of a dusty, rutted street in La Paz Market, one of the city’s sprawling commercial centers, Patience and the Obooba have helped feed market patrons now for 15 years. Fufu (cassava) and banku (maize) top the menu of this open-air, tin-roofed eatery, which draws 500 customers every day. To meet demand, Patience arrives here every morning at 4 a.m., opens the doors at 10 a.m. and doesn’t leave for home until 6:30 p.m. No fewer than seven employees keep the charcoal fires burning. But tomorrow everything will be different—and maybe much bigger. When EB-ACCION Savings and Loans launched in La Paz last April, Patience became “banked” for the first time, opening a savings account and taking out a 1,000 cedi (US$1,000) loan to make modest improvements to the Obooba. “Now I want to make it a proper restaurant,” she says with a broad smile, waving at the white plastic tables and the red, slatted wood divides that serve for walls. “With air conditioning and everything.”

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