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Juicing Machine for $100

For juice stand owners, the mainstay of their business is a high-quality juicing machine. Your gift can ensure that hardworking juice vendors have access to loans to expand their small operations. With your support, juice vendors will be able to strengthen their businesses to provide even more people with delicious beverages – and they will also be able to build a better future for themselves and their families.

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Edivaldo Pereira dos Santos, acai juice maker and client of Accion Microfinanças in Manaus, Brazil

Thanks to a loan from Accion Microfinanças, Edivaldo Pereira dos Santos was able to start a new venture making and selling acai juice – a local breakfast staple, most often served chilled, sweetened, and with a spoonful of tapioca flour on top. Edivaldo first thought of starting the business when he found himself missing the sweet beverage in the afternoons. He used his loan to purchase a juicer, and now he is able to turn a profit of about U.S. $72 per sack of acai berries from his small stand in front of his home.

Edivaldo is no stranger to the food industry – he has sold grilled chicken and fish from a market stand for 21 years. In the future, he plans to buy another stall at the market so he can bring his juicer there and sell fresh acai juice on the spot.

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