Milk Cow 

$250 for a Milk Cow

A milk cow can provide a hard-working family with a reliable source of income and a reliable source of nutrition. Your gift can empower families with loans and other financial services -- to buy more cows; start selling milk, butter and cheese; and set themselves on a path to saving money.

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Ndeni Tengeru, livestock raiser, client of Accion partner Akiba Commercial Bank

In a lush green area near the town of Arusha, northern Tanzania, Ndeni Tengeru runs a small farm where she raises livestock – cows and goats for milk and chickens for eggs. She cherishes her cows in particular, giving them names like ‘Bahati’ which means good luck in Swahili.

Forty-two year old Ndeni began raising livestock 20 years ago to supplement the farming business that she and her brothers and sisters ran as farming alone was too risky to support them sustainably. As she began raising a daughter in addition to animals, the pressure of another mouth to feed began to weigh on her. In 2000, she turned to Accion partner Akiba Commercial Bank to secure a loan for US $370. The money enabled her to pay for her daughter’s school fees directly and reinvest her income from selling milk and eggs back into raising livestock.

With eight subsequent loans she has bought additional goats and chickens. The extra money has also served as a security net, enabling her to save for unplanned events, such as when she had to call a doctor to assist a cow in giving birth. And with added income, she is now able to afford a shed to house her beloved cows.

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