Baking Oven 

$125 for a Baking Oven

Many self-employed people make a living by putting their culinary skills to work. Individuals in developing countries open lunch-delivery businesses, tiny cafes, bakeries or restaurants – but they don't always have the resources they need. Your gift can help extend financial services to these enterprising business owners. With extra income, hardworking cooks can purchase new baking ovens, increase their production, feed more eager customers and grow their businesses.

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Jamila Jiendelezee, baker and client of Accion partner Akiba Commercial Bank, Arusha, Tanzania

Seven years ago, Jamila’s husband died in a car accident leaving her with four children to support and no independent means to do so. So she moved in with her brother, but continued to struggle to pay school fees. Yearning to be independent and provide for her children’s future, she turned to a friend who told her about Accion partner Akiba Commercial Bank in Tanzania.

>In February of this year, she applied for and received a small loan which she used to purchase corrugated tin to house a rudimentary baking oven and flour, sugar and butter in bulk – the makings of a tiny bakery. Today, with the loan as a tiny catalyst, Jamila’s business is thriving. She bakes over 1,000 cupcakes a day which she sells to local businesses. Not only that, she’s also hired an assistant – and in turn empowered someone else with the means for a brighter future. Most importantly for Jamila, the loan has helped her during a tough transition... and now her children have plenty to eat and are able to remain in school.

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