Free-Range Chickens 

$28 for Free-Range Chickens

Your gift can help provide loans and other services to microentrepreneurs, such as chicken vendors, to boost their flock of chickens. Chickens not only provide people with nutrition, but also with a means of income, enabling them to sell the chickens' eggs and build their own nest egg for a brighter future.

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Days Abely Kimambo, livestock raiser and client of Accion partner Akiba Commercial Bank, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

As you approach Days Abely Kimambo’s cinder block house, the smell of animals greets you before she does. Chickens roam her yard—their choral clucking punctuated by the snorts of nearby pigs. Forty-six year old Days rises at 3am to tend to the needs of her livestock. As she says with a smile, “Raising livestock is in my blood.”

In 2007, as inflation in Tanzania was on the rise, Days sought out extra financial support to help her feed and care for her animals. She joined a solidarity lending group through Akiba Commercial Bank, an Accion partner, and used a loan of 500,000 Tanzanian shillings (US$450) to buy additional layer hens so she could sell more eggs and earn more money. While food and medicine for the animals is still expensive in the current economy, Days says, “I am managing now with the extra income,” and her business is stable. The loans are also enabling her to continue paying school fees for her two teenage sons and take care of her husband, a diabetic, who is now blind and unable to work. Though challenges persist, Days maintains a positive outlook, looking forward to the day when free-range chickens join her chorus of animals, too.

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