“Return to a better tomorrow” – Flourish Ventures’ Tilman Ehrbeck

An interview with Flourish's Tilman Ehrbeck on VentureKast: Rebuild

In uncertain times, investors and entrepreneurs should “return to first principles,” says Tilman Ehrbeck, Managing Partner at Flourish Ventures. “Start with your customers, what do they need, what are true pain points, and what can you do to help them to improve their lives.” On episode two of VentureKast: Rebuild, Tilman shares his customer-centric philosophy and explains how the acceleration of digital engagement has dramatic potential implications for financial inclusion – “both the need and the opportunity to get there.”

Impact investing “is more relevant than before,” says Tilman, who reminds us that even “in the best of times, it’s hard to be a startup entrepreneur. And if you have a crisis like this on top, it’s really, really taxing.” Tilman shares insights about supporting portfolio companies, and he remains cautiously optimistic about the future of investing during the pandemic. The pre-COVID-19 normal had its shortcomings, explains Tilman, and there now exists an opportunity to “embrace the notion of ‘let’s return to a better tomorrow” by optimizing technology and financial systems.

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