Providing for her children motivates Alba every day

Fintech is making educational finance accessible for Colombians

Alba Maria Garcia Ruiz’s oldest son is 21 and working on a degree in physical education. Her 19-year-old daughter dreams of becoming a veterinarian, and the possibilities are limitless for her 6-year-old daughter. Ensuring her children have the resources and education they need to thrive is what drives Alba to continue her work as a flower harvester.

But saving for three children’s’ educations is daunting and stressful. “I am very grateful to work with the flowers, but the salary is minimal and I want my children to have better futures.”

So, when Alba learned that her employer was partnering with Accion Venture Lab portfolio company, Escala, to help employees save money for education, she was intrigued. “I became interested in joining Escala because it was a great opportunity to help us save money towards the education of our children.”

Escala not only provides savings accounts to employees but allows employers to also contribute to their employees’ accounts, magnifying the impact. “In a way, Escala is a platform that helps people to get access to education, so Escala is an important tool for people to reach the goal of being able to study and fulfill that dream,” says Melissa Patino Arroyave, who works in operations for Escala.

Alba has already experienced the benefits of Escala — she helped pay for her son’s education with the savings she put aside. She plans to continue saving and helping her children achieve their dreams. “Escala has made a positive impact in our lives because we are able to carry on saving for the future.”

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