Nigerian SME Digital Lender Lidya Expands to Europe


In an increasing trend where African technology companies are finding a global audience, Nigerian digital SME lending platform Lidya has expanded to Poland and the Czech Republic.

Having opened an office in New York, Lidya now has operations in Warsaw and Prague, it says, which is part of its aim to create 100-million jobs globally.

Lidya’s fintech platform lets small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) register online for loans from $500 and get that credit within 24 hours. This process helps SMEs build a credit history for the first time.

The Nigerian lender had dispersed more than 10,000 loans to 2,000 businesses in its home market, as of July 2019. In its first year, Lidya issued $2 million of loans growing to $10 million in year two. It is on track to become the biggest digital lender in Nigeria by the end of the year, it says.

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